WHERE exactly have the last three weeks gone?

I am under a fog of incomprehension. Perhaps it is August in Mallorca, the heat, the craziness, the general work like a slave cause the tourists are here mentality that we all have to pick up on in the height of the summer, whatever it is, I need to figure it out.

I know, from bitter experience, that the month of August is bliss for anyone on holiday in Mallorca, and absolute living hell for anyone trying to make a living on this island. (I almost put the word ‘paradise’ in there in italics and inverted commas, but decided that no, that would be too cynical and would put people off living here…!). Imagine, trying to keep everything together in a non airconditioned environment, everyone around you wants to be treated, wants to be pampered, and all you want to to is go to sleep and stop thinking. Add on a young child, no money, mortgage worries, general crazy politics and you have a recipe for disaster.


I have also noticed that I am going blind and have to wear bloody glasses to read small print.

Usual service will resume… at some point.

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