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Events in Mallorca – March

Firstly, there is a collection being done by Antonia Triguero for refugees who are currently arriving on the Greek island of Kos. She has managed to get a shipping company in Inca to pay for a 40 foot container to be sent over there, and she has until this Friday to fill it! She is looking for: donations of: tents, sleeping bags, blankets (but not heavy), baby carriers, strollers, wheelchairs, comfortable walking shoes, socks, underwear, travel bags, raincoats, nappies, women’s sanitary towels and tampons, soap and shampoo (small 200 ml bottles), toothbrushes and toothpaste, sweatpants, summer hats, spring jackets, baby wipes and powdered milk.  If you check on the TRE website later there will be a list of the collection points in and around Inca and across Mallorca.



This Thursday is St Patrick’s Day and at Sanddancers Bar in Cala Bona you can join in their Annual “ST PADDIES PARTY NIGHT!” which is always a lot of fun, laughter, and I guess a few Guinnesses as well. There will be Irish music and free Irish hats for everyone.

Happy St Patricks Day

Or you can popover to Heroes Bar in Portals where Hugh Carville will be organising his last quiz of the winter season.    Heroes-Logo  Quiz


logo-emblem Mood

mood-beach-club food


At Mood Beach there will be the Supper Club with speakers talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus dinner will be available for 19.95 for two courses on Thursday evening at 7pm. You need to book in advance by emailing

Saskia Griffiths Yoga - Mood Beach



If you like Deep House and Yoga then why not try experiencing both at the same time on Friday evening when Saskia Griffiths presents a two hour session, she describes it like a “yoga party”· It’s from 20.30 until 22.30 at the Zunray Yoga Studio in Palma.

On Saturday March 19th you can take in the sights and sounds of the Santa Margalida Agricultural Fair which kicks off the Spring fair season. There’s normally something for everybody from farm animals to displays of classic cars.


On Sunday March 20th you can enjoy a great St Patrick’s Day festival in Santa Ponsa where there will be more than a hundred market stalls and a parade through the streets in the afternoon.


Also on Sunday 20 March there will be a fundraising event at SPAP in Palma in support of some of their animal loving colleagues who have been fined for protesting about an upcoming bullfight on the island. That will start at 11am and go on until 4pm. There will be talks about animal welfare, a raffle, a market, a quiz, live music and vegan food on sale.

Bull       spap.jpg

Then we are into the Easter celebrations which are always quite amazing in Mallorca. If you want to entertain, or even scare, the kids a little, then take them along to the Fira del Ram funfair in Son Fusteret close to the Son Castello industrial estate in Palma. The funfair is open every day until Sunday April 10th.

Fira-del-Ram. Fair.JPG

If you like eating then pop along to the Street Food festival in Port Adriano during the weekend of the 25th, 26th and 27th of March. It’s on every afternoon from 5pm to late, you can eat yourself around the world and check out some rather cool looking food trucks and other vehicles as well.


On the Saturday of the same weekend, if you like nature, hiking and adventure sports then nip up to Escorca in Lluc for a day discovering businesses and like minded souls at the Nature Esport exhibition.


The Corner Bar in Palma is having an anniversary bash on Saturday 26th March. They’re also hosting speed interviews for wannabe crew. Super yaThe Corner Bar Palma.pngcht professionals will be returning to the Corner Bar to help them celebrate their anniversary and welcome new crew to Palma, helping them to find their feet here, offering support and advice in job hunting, training, and CVs.

Hook a Job                  Hook a Job                        Hook a Job



Also on Saturday March 26th local artist Vivian Borsoni will be exhibiting at her studio on Calle Fabrica 13b in Santa Catalina in Palma. She will be joined by another artist, Birgit Dierker. They are both very popular artists, and it’s well worth a visit. The show will open at 18.00.

Vivian Borsani - Artist - Calle Fabrica  Vivian Borsani - Artist - Canvas               birgitdierker  Birgit-Dierker-Diverses-Abstraktes

On Sunday March 20th there will be a Asociacion Ondine beach clean up at Playa Es Trenc from 11.30 until 15.00.  It’s organised with a Facebook group for Palma Yacht Crew, but everyone is encouraged to join in. In February 120 enthusiastic and environmentally responsible beach cleaners cleaned up the Eastern half of Playa de Es Trenc and collected more than 500 kilos of rubbish. It was a beautiful day out on the beach for everyone. So with the hugely positive experience freshly in mind, they will now attack the Western end of the beach this time leaving it completely free of plastics ! They will be meeting in Ses Covetes on the Western end of Playa d’Es Trenc at 11.30 hrs.

Asociacion Ondine beach clean up at Playa Es Trenc.jpgOne Table Four Conversations  ISLA Theatre Project

After finishing with the clean up, delicious baguettes with different toppings will be available for 5 Euros a piece as well as beers, sodas and water straight from the ice cooler. All proceeds will go to Asociacion Ondine. Don’t forget to bring with you heavy duty plastic bags, gloves, snacks, water and some money for lunch – and if you are brave; a swimsuit !

There are now two more dates for “One Table Four Conversations” which is the most recent ISLA Theatre Project that sold out on its first run. You can see the show on either March 24th or March 31st (both Thursdays) at 19h30 and 21h30 at Cafe
l’antiquari, just off Via Roma in Palma. The reservation hotline number is: 679518293


Let’s be friends

A previous Supper Club meeting

Networking needn’t be nasty.

I spent an hour today talking about networking on Frank Leaver’s show on Radio One Mallorca. I hope I did myself proud. I was on the radio because this week (in fact 7pm on Thursday November 5th, then Thursday December 10th) I am restarting (after a year off) an informal networking and friend making group that I had originally set up five years ago. It’s called The Supper Club and is a great opportunity to make new contacts, catch up with old ones, possibly do some business, definitely have a laugh, and get dinner thrown in all for under 20€. If you want to attend then email your reservation to and get yourself over to Portals.

It’s not so long ago that I hadn’t even heard of the term “networking”, but I think I’ve always been a “networker”. Back in the day I might have been called less flattering things, like “busy body”, “do gooder” or (crivens) “nosy parker”. Why? Because in order to be an effective networker you don’t spend hours talking about yourself “selling” whatever it is that you need to get across, no, you spend time finding out about others and working out what might be helpful for them, perhaps make connections for them which they will find useful, and think about their issues and problems trying to find solutions. It can be exhausting doing this, it’s a relentless one way street so you need to know when to politely slow to a halt on your helpful assault and wait to see if the other side reciprocates. Like unrequited love, it’s not healthy to be in a one sided relationship.

But networking needn’t be frightening, approach it with an open mind, remember to stay authentically true to yourself, perhaps arm yourself with five opening questions that you can try out to get the conversation going, or perhaps a joke, and step in. If you need one then ask for an introduction, go to the organiser and say “Can you introduce me to….” and get them to help you. The good thing is that at a networking event other people are there with the same aim as you so you don’t need to feel strange about talking to a complete stranger, and remember, you get out what you put in. Don’t forget your business cards.  The networking doesn’t finish there either, the next day you need to send a message to the people you connected to: either as an email, a Facebook request, a text message, a phone call, whatever seems appropriate to the situation.  

The more you network, the easier it gets, but you have to keep doing it. There are plenty of different types of groups in Mallorca, so go find one, invite me to it, and let’s do it!

A Winter Wonderland at Mood Beach

A winter wonderland

A “Winter Wonderland” is a rare occurrence in Majorca, we might see snow once or twice a year, and normally only on the mountain tops, but in a restaurant in Costa d’en Blanes? Never! Well, maybe not quite never… This Christmas season a talented artist is being brought over to transform the interior of Mood Beach Bar and Restaurant into a snowy winter scene. Over a cup of tea and a slightly dodgy Skype connection I had a chat with artist and visual merchandiser Sian Wedgwood-Walker, tasked with turning a Mediterranean seaside establishment into Santa’s grotto.

Vicki McLeod: So, where shall we start? Where did you study?

Sian Wedgwood-Walker: I went to Birmingham University where I studied Fine Art. When I left I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I thought about becoming a curator, but I’m a bit of an art snob, I don’t really like “old” art and I knew I would have needed a wider perspective than that. Within the art world you’ve got two ways you can go: you can either be one of the chosen few of amazing artists which make it, or you can be part of the rest and basically have to find something else to do!

I’d been doing a lot of performance and installation art during my degree, I liked to explore my interaction with the world through clothes, so I thought perhaps fashion was something I could try to get into. I started to work with a friend of mine who was an illustrator and we did some shows and projects together, but it didn’t work out so I looked to change direction a little. I’d always been interested in creating environments, and I was fascinated by window dressings, I really liked to go to the shops just to look at the windows, so I decided that maybe this was the way to go. I knew that I needed to use my creativity and I really like building and making things, so that’s why I decided to join House of Fraser and work my way up. I started to work as a Sales Assistant on the Phase A “mat” (that’s retail speak for the area you get when you are a franchise in a department store). I was forever redressing the mannequins and moving things around to see how they would work and they soon realised that I was really interested.

VM: Did they notice an increase in sales as well?

SWW: Oh yes, every time I increased the sales between 5 and 20%.  I started to look into how I could develop my career. The clothes I was working with were very nice, but not my kind of style. Then a job came up internally at House of Fraser where I had the freedom to create my own windows from scratch. It was a fun dream job, I had total and utter freedom! I could take things from anywhere in the store and put them together. That’s when I made a ball gown out of Lee jeans and dressed a mannequin in it, I called her “Miss Light Up Lee”. But then the credit crunch came and that really stifled my ability to be creative, we had to focus on blatant discounted offers and really work on selling, and everything just lost its fun. Then I moved to work for H & M in a very different, much smaller store. It was a promotion for me as well as I was also in management. The company look at visual merchandising in a very different way, and it does really make a difference to sales. Then I moved up from a 2.3m store to a 9m store, and I am running a team of six. H & M are an amazing company to work for, but still retail is very structured and set, there are specific things you have to do depending on the brands that you are working with.

VM: So now you are developing what you do outside of H & M as well.

SWW: Yes, I’m moving into creating environments for parties and weddings. I did my own wedding last year when I married my husband Flixx. My creativity really got to flow, we had a Peter Pan theme because it was his favourite book when he was child. Everything was drawn from the idea of being in Neverland. The whole theme was magical. The only problem was that my ideas were much bigger than my budget, so we had to keep it realistic! Now I am currently working on a project for a Burlesque show which is great, and I am still also working for H & M. We have Katy Perry jumping out of shopping bags throughout the stores at the moment for the Christmas campaign, it looks great!

VMC: What kinds of window and visual displays do you like to see?

SWW: I love Selfridges, their windows are always amazing, and Karen Millen as well. They are always very creative and inspiring.

VMC: From a cynical point of view the windows have to make you stop and want to go inside the shop don’t they?

SWW: Yes, of course. That’s the aim. We use “Hotspots” inside the stores as well to promote clothing. We might have something which has been in the store for months and we move it to these particular places and it will sell out or a customer will say “Ooh, this is new!” even if it’s been in the store in a different position for a while. There’s certain things which most people know about the psychology of visual merchandising now: like keeping the items that you want to sell on eye level. And customers always turn right when they enter a store. We have what we call an “A” area it’s the main selling point where you would put your main trend or campaign.

VMC: And what’s your personal style, which designers do you like?

SWW: I love Vivienne Westwood, she’s a crazy mentalist, completely bonkers! And I love Alexander McQueen as well. But I pull things from everywhere really, I like Victoria, 1920s, street style. And I love to make things as well.

VMC: Were you a big fan of Blue Peter when you were little?!

SWW: Yes, I loved it, but I never had the sticky backed plastic. My mum taught me to sew and I would make clothes for my troll dolls. I love to see how things are put together, I’m a bit of a geek about that.

VMC: So what are you going to be doing at Mood?

SWW: Margaret, the owner, wants to have the theme A Winter Wonderland so I’m going to use the colours white, silver and tinge of minty blue. There’s going to be as much fake snow as I can fit in as well! I have some ideas about how we can make it seem as if you are walking on snow as you go into the restaurant area.  I’m going to be using a lot of icicles, baubles and snowflakes, and white twigs. I want to hang a lot of things from the ceiling and make the whole place very glittery and twinkly. I don’t want to say too much as I want it to be a surprise.

VMC: It’s a big place though, this sounds like a lot of work!

SWW: Yep, it will be, we’ve scheduled that it will take us two days to install, we want it to be ready for Sunday December 20th. We’ve doing everything including the table settings. I’m also really keen to recycle and reuse objects so I’ve asked Naim at Mood to save wine bottles and we will be spraying them and using them in the installation as well. I’m so excited! It’s going to really fantastic!


You will be able to see the Winter Wonderland at Mood Beach from Sunday December 20th to January 3rd. For more information email


The luck of the draw

Mediterranea     Medditerranea

I’ve been staring at a blank screen trying to write this column for days. What do I say when everywhere I look there are stories of terror and brutal killings? I tried to wean myself off of the news on Monday, but I kept being dragged back in, checking Facebook or listening to the radio, 24 hour rolling news on the TV. It’s quite difficult to avoid. When 911 happened I was with my boyfriend on holiday in France, we had been out for the day at a beautiful medieval village called Brantome. We’d canoed around a moat, had fun, eaten a delicious menu, and wound our way back through country lanes to the house where we were staying. Then we turned on the TV to see that two planes had flown into the Twin Towers and a new reality began.

Absorbing the emotive messages from the families of the dead, trying to understand the intricate political situation that brought us to this point, wondering what I can do to help, or what I can do at all has occupied most of my waking thoughts since Friday. And in the end, what can I do? Or you for that matter. I think the key lies in remaining as loving and patient towards ourselves and our neighbours as we possibly can. Look for the goodness in people because most people are simple beings who want to have what we all want: a happy family, a safe home, the opportunity to plan for the future and have ambitions and dreams and the chance to realise some of them.  Many people around the world don’t have that lucky situation. It’s the luck of the draw that I was born where I was and not in Syria or Iraq. I’m not sure that I can directly help them all, although I want to, but there are things which I can indirectly do which help people and spreads kindness: like raise money for reputable charities who are making a difference in parts of the world that I am unlikely to go to. Which is why I have chosen to raise money for Mediterranea this weekend. Mood Beach and the Casino de Mallorca have partnered together to do a Casino night on Saturday 21st November from 8pm. You can either go for a set menu including wine for 39€ per person, or just go straight to the gaming tables from 9pm and give a donation of 10€ per person. The tables (for Roulette and Blackjack) will be set up and run by the Casino staff who will be able to teach beginners how to play.  There will be spot prizes for individual games and the overall winner of the night will go home with two VIP tickets worth more than 300€ for next year’s Son Amar show. All of the donations will go straight to Mediterranea who support people here in Mallorca, and in parts of the “Third World” as well. I hope that you will be able to join us for the evening, or if not  that you will visit to find out more about the organisation.

“Me time”

Vicki McLeod, Mallorca, Health and Beauty PRLately I have been feeling tired, pooped, burnt out, nay completely and utterly exhausted. I’ve even been to the doctors to see if there was something wrong with me. According to the blood tests I am A-Okay, which I am sure you will be very glad to hear. But that didn’t resolve how I was feeling. “Take some time for yourself” I was advised (not by the doctor who, once he had established there wasn’t anything physically wrong me, had shown me the door pretty sharpish).

Right then, I shall try that, thought I.

So last week I planned that on Saturday morning I would go to the Palma Goes Yoga event in town. It is a free outdoor yoga class organised by several of the island’s yoga groups and last year I had kicked myself that I missed it. I was looking forward to going, what a novelty to do yoga outside with loads of people, and if that wasn’t “taking time for me” doing something I enjoy which is definitely good for me, well I didn’t know what could be.

Saturday dawned and of course on the way to Palma I had managed to give myself several other jobs to do which meant I spent the first forty minutes of the outdoor yoga class actually in my office printing off posters for Friday’s (October 25th)  Indulgence Day which I am organising at Mood. The irony did not escape me that whilst I was supposed to be going to the yoga class I was actually spending my time doing something for everyone else. The day itself is going to be great, there are almost 30 different therapists, make-up artists, hair stylists, yoga teachers, nutritionists, healers, chiropractors and many others all gathering at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes to offer free mini sessions. It’s going to be fantastic, but you must book! Send an email to if you want to go.

Finally, after I’d got the posters organised I managed to get myself to Palma and joined in the class. As I sat on my yoga mat alongside some of my yoga class pals and our fabulous teacher Kevin McDonnell, I suddenly had a blast of complete and utter happiness. It was wonderful to be there. And I felt quite pleased with myself that I had (albeit late) turned up to participate. I DID feel better. Now what I need is for someone else to organise an Indulgence Day where I can be a punter rather than an organiser!

I’m hoping to get some time to speak to Suzanne Garaty who is a nutritionist who will be exhibiting there and who hopefully will set me on the right path to rediscovering my energy levels, I have a feeling a prescription which will include porridge may be involved. Whatever health issues you have they may well be addressed by some of the experienced and skilled people who are attending, so please come along and get involved.

If you can’t make it then put March 8th in your diary for next year as I will be repeating it then.

In the meantime, here’s some of my photos from last Saturday’s very cool outdoor yoga! Some outdoor yoga happening at Mood on Friday!

Sing like you’re winning

‘The only thing better than singing is more singing,” said Ella Fitzgerald. I’ve got to say that I agree with her, I’ve always sang: in the car, in the shower, occasionally on a stage, mostly to myself, but since being a grown up I’ve never had the chance to sing in a choir. So I am filled with anticipation and excitement about this coming weekend as at 11am on Saturday October 20th we will have the first meeting of the newly formed Mallorca Community Choir. I think that being part of a gang, a group, a choir looks like a lot of fun. It promises to be a really uplifting experience, and I think there’s a few of us that could do with something to lift our spirits over the winter.  So why not give it a go? Absolutely everyone is welcome to come and see what it is all about. No experience is needed, and if you think you can’t sing prepare to surprise yourself as you will improve as you practice.

The choir leader, Emma Sweeney, has just moved to the island and is ready and eager to start. The choir won’t be expensive, the rehearsal space is being donated by Mood Beach Bar and Restaurant, and the subscriptions will be literally to cover the cost of buying sheet music and any other expenses that a choir might incur. The first meeting will be an informal get together to see how many people may be interested to join and to get to know each other. The meeting will be at Mood Beach Bar & Restaurant, Ctra Km 11 Palma – Andratx, Costa D’en Blanes. To help you orientate yourself: Mood is between Marineland and Sporting Tennis Club.

But what about you, does the idea of singing fill you with joy or dread? Did you know that singing is good for you?

Professor Graham Welch, Chair of Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, has studied developmental and medical aspects of singing for 30 years: “The health benefits of singing are both physical and psychological. Singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood stream and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, even when sitting. Singing has psychological benefits because of its normally positive effect in reducing stress levels through the action of the endocrine system which is linked to our sense of emotional well-being. Psychological benefits are also evident when people sing together as well as alone because of the increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour.” Seriously, what’s not to like?

You can contact the choir leader Emma through or just turn up this Saturday at 11am at Mood.

Musical memory lane

I was a teenager in the 80’s. I grew up with Duran Duran, Wham, Bronski Beat, The Smiths, The Jacksons, Madonna well not literally, but you know what I mean. Their music was continually playing on my little radio. I was a fanatical about it all. I would record the Top Forty on a Sunday evening, trying to pause the tape in between the songs so that I didn’t have to listen to Mike Reid wibbling on. And then of course there was Smash Hits. This magazine was the highlight of my and my friend Catherine’s week. We would pour over it, reading about our favourite bands, and of course drooling over the prettiest boys. We were both enormous fans of Duran Duran, and to save argument, or because it was convenient, we just decided to not fancy the same person in the band: so she had Nick Rhodes, the keyboard player, and I had John Taylor, the bassist. We think they would have approved of our choices.

Growing up though, I started to be embarrassed by my teens, and I dismissed the 80’s as a period of music which was best forgotten. But now I am beginning to come to terms with what a fantastic decade for music it really was, and what a lot of personality it had. This weekend coming, Saturday evening to be precise, there is going to be one of the largest ever reunions of tour guides to be held in Mallorca. The hard working people from ILG who worked here in that golden decade of tourism, the 80s, are getting together to party, talk and dance. Now you may find this a little bit out there, but I have always wondered what it would be like to be a DJ, I’ve presented radio shows before, and yes, there is music in them, but being a DJ is completely different. After leaning over several DJ’s shoulders and irritating them with stupid questions I made the foolish decision that it couldn’t be that difficult after all. So I have volunteered to be the DJ for Saturday night’s party: 70s and 80s classics only. Suits me fine.

Armed with a decade’s worth of Smash Hits and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music from 1975 to 1989, my DJ debut will be this Saturday night at Mood Beach. I’m planning a celebration of the music I loved and grew up with, and a boogie down memory lane. My colleagues and friends think it is hilarious that a 42 year old mother could want to be or even try to be a DJ. And you have to have a DJ name they keep telling me (DJ Mammy is currently their favourite) as they snigger behind their hands. Meanwhile to keep myself calm I keep secretly thinking ‘it’s just putting on records, right?’ We’ll see I guess. Please come along and support me, from 11pm on Saturday at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes. Entrance is free.

All together now

It seems rather fitting, what with it being the Paralympics starting this week to be doing something to benefit and encourage disabled people who live in Mallorca. Next week on Wednesday September 5th I’m getting together a group of young musicians to do a benefit concert for Aspace.

Aspace is a centre for people with cerebral palsy and other similar disabilities. They support babies and children as they grow up, and through school and continue to work with adults right throughout their lives. The organisation has been going in Mallorca for thirty five years. It was set up by concerned parents who felt that the educational and physical needs of their children were not being met. Back then in the mid Seventies there weren’t such things as ramps to get into buildings, or toilets big enough to get a wheelchair into, let alone the idea that someone using a wheelchair may be capable of holding down a job. Now the centre has grown and Aspace has over a hundred registered users of all ages. They offer a comprehensive service for people with disabilities and this means that they are helping disabled people integrate into school, and work and helping them to lead their lives to the full and enjoy themselves.

I have to declare an interest. I worked for many years in the UK in the theatre, in particular community theatre with different groups of disabled people (both physical and learning disabilities), so integration and inclusion are things which I really feel strongly about. And I think that local young musicians need to be encouraged and supported as they develop as well so hopefully this will be the first of a series of concerts we will do throughout the year. So that’s why I am organising a concert next at 7pm Wednesday September 5th at Mood Beach.

Local youngsters from the island will play a mixture of their own and others’ songs. Performers include Luke Evans, Giorgio Garrett, and the band Jipsy. The evening will be hosted by comedian Glynis German. The money we raise will go to the Aspace centre and will be spent on musical activities, I like that: musicians raising money for other musicians. To get hold of tickets or for more information contact me on

Say what?

I wasn’t exactly a precocious child, it wasn’t as if I excelled at everything I did. Ooh no, not by a long chalk. But there were a couple of things that I did which other kids seemed to struggle with, and there were some things which I thought I should be able to do, but just didn’t do so well at.

One of those was, and is, public speaking. I thought I could do it, but I couldn’t and then I could do it, but only when I wasn’t thinking about it. Strange. I remember being entered into a debating competition at school, there were two other kids in my team, and we were supposed to be talking about the pros and cons of zoos. I stood up all full of hopeful ignorance and proceeded to die a death up there trying to propose the motion, I was a total failure, and I have never forgotten the humiliating embarrassment of it. It was appalling. My mum was in the audience and she was livid, not with me, but with the teacher of her fourteen year old daughter: ‘I cannot believe that she let you down like that’. Apparently my death onstage was down to lack of preparation, and that wasn’t my fault. Result, thought I. Followed by, I will never ever, ever speak in public again. And I managed to achieve that for many, many years.

In fact it wasn’t until 2007 when I accidentally ended up presenting a radio show that I said anything in public. But that wasn’t really IN public as there was just me, a computer full of songs and a wall to talk to, I couldn’t see anyone, so it wasn’t too frightening. I’m much better with words that have been written down, you can mull over them you see. But the spoken word, once you’ve said it, well you’ve said it haven’t you? No going back. Scary stuff.

However now and again, in fact this week even, I have to stand up in front of people I don’t know and say stuff. This is a challenge to me. And I almost always make a prat of myself, or at least I always feel like a prat. After a recent (and v poor) display I decided that this had got to change. It must be kismet as just like that a professional stand up comedian and teacher Logan Murray is going to be running a one day course in Public Speaking at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes. (He’s also teaching a weekend stand up comedy course which my husband is going to do. We decided only one of us could do it as we would fight over who was funniest). If you want to join me then you can get more info from Glynis at . At some point after this date I shall be restaging my debate almost thirty years later on ‘Cruelty or Conservation, are zoos fair?’ just for my mother’s benefit, okay, and mine too, I admit it.