Winter in Mallorca

Rotary Walk Success

748A1522“Walking Works Wonders” was the theme of this year’s Charity Walk organised by the Rotary club of Calvia International and over 350 people turned out on Saturday 21 October to make sure that it does. There were over many schoolchildren from the eight International Schools taking part as well as adults, not overlooking a large contingent of canines who joined in too.

748A1553The walk was planned by the Rotary Club with very close collaboration from the Ajuntament of Calvia, the police and an army of volunteers from the Club and other associations on the island. There was a 10km walk for the older children and the fitter adults (and the more energetic dogs) from the Sports Centre in Magaluf to the Agora School in Portals and back. The less young and children and some dog walkers did the 2km walk from the same starting point went but went down through Magaluf and back. All of those walking enjoyed the warm sunshine weather and the social atmosphere.

748A1531The aim was to raise a substantial sum of money for three charities – RANA which focuses on help to prevent child abuse of any description, JoyRon, which raises money for children in the Balearic Islands and in this case, money will go to help meet the cost of constructing and fitting out a cinema in Son Espases for children who are undergoing palliative care. Last but by no means least, money raised will also go to Association Ondine which is trying to preserve the marine environment in the Balearics for the benefit of future generations. Three very worthwhile causes.

748A1527This year too, in association with Association Ondine the Rotary Club Calvia International sought to discourage the use of single use plastic bottles and promoted the use of reusable bottles by providing free water at the start/finish and mid-point of the walk: another positive step by the Club to help others and the environment.

748A1521The International Schools are the main contributors to the walk, not only from their participation on the day of the walk itself but through the young children in the infant schools of some of the schools walking in the grounds of the Schools. Money was raised not only by the Rotary Club charging a registration fee to enter the walk (the fee included some food and refreshments on completion) but a lot of the walkers were sponsored by parents, friends and colleagues.

748A1493After the walk, everyone enjoyed the refreshments and entertainment provided by Izzy Newman and children from BIC as well as a belly dancer. Some even joined in the performance! Casa Corazon a beautiful luxury property development in Son Gual sponsored the after walk refreshments  (, Generali, the insurance company covered the walk’s public liability insurance as they do every year (, Spectrum IFA ( sponsored the water, and Nice Price donated chocolately treats (  The Town Hall in Calvia provided their full support for the event.

748A1470Club President thanked all participants for generously giving up their time and the various sponsors for their contribution. It will take time to determine how much money has been raised, currently they have received 5000€ but it is likely that the three charities which are to benefit will not be disappointed.


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2014 begins

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La Gidg on the beach, Jan 1st 2014

We’ve spent the first day of 2014 doing what we hope to do much more of throughout the year.  Namely spending time together and with family and friends.


Photo by Phil Rogan.

We kicked off our day with breakfast then boogied over to Portals Nous where we went for a very rapid dip in the Med. It was cold.  Not Ice Station Zebra cold, but chilly enough ta. (Photo by Phil Rogan).


Grandad’s little horse, La Gidg and my Dad, Alaro Jan 1st 2013

Then we zipped to Alaro and walked up to the top and then down to the lamb restaurant Es Verger.

The weather was amazeballs (apparently that word is SO 2013 darling, but I like it,  so it stays) and everyone seemed determined to have a lovely day.

Setting intentions to spend better and happier times with my important people is perhaps the best and nicest resolution I could make.  All the others in my mind are all self improvement which just read like a list on how to “how to wreck your confidence”. So I won’t.

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Did I get it right? Winter time things to do in Mallorca. . .


So, recently I was asked to contribute to a website called Spain They wanted to know what in my opininon were the top ten winter activities. I asked for your ideas and included some of them in the article. Take a look and let me know if I missed your top ten out. Click here to see the article.

If I missed yours out remind me what it was as they are interested to have more articles (as long as they’re not whopping great adverts! lol!).