Grapevine #66

Crazy Days

Vicki McLeod, photographer

It’s been a mad week for me. I’ve met more reality TV show personalities this summer than ever before. This week I had three! All from Big Brother. Between you and me I could have walked past them in the street and not known who they were but I was asked to go along and take their photos and I thought you might enjoy seeing these two of Charlie Doherty. We spent some quality time together on Tuesday and Wednesday at the BH Mallorca pool, at the beach and at the foam party at BCM. I can’t say my life isn’t varied as a photographer, that’s for sure.

Vicki McLeod, photographer, Mallorca

The Nit de Caball

On Sunday night in my lovely village of S’Arraco we were treated to a fantastic display of horses. About a dozen gorgeous black Menorcan horses galloped down our main road (which was covered in a good layer of sand). It was less crazy than and more organised last year as the police took a keen interest in preventing people from crossing the road in front of the horses. Well done to all!


Pet Project

At Dogs for U Cornelia rescues mainly German Shepherds: the larger dogs that most people seem to overlook . She tries to find them their forever family. At Dogs for U they would never put a healthy dog down, and those that aren’t so healthy she will do everything in her power to nurse them back to health. Some of the dogs have been at shelter for over four years, so it’s time to spread the word and get them out. Thanks to Angie Cain for her collaboration with Pet Project to get this information out and about.


Coyo is 6 years old. He’s a small German Shepherd and has been in the shelter now for four whole years. Poor boy! As usual he had a very bad start to his life. But he has come through it remarkably well. He was found all alone on a finca with no other animals or people, and had been terribly neglected. Cornelia rescued him from and took him to her shelter.  He is a little shy at first but when he gets to know you he is very affectionate, loves cuddles and is very playful. He is great with other dogs and excellent at walking on the lead. He has shown absolutely no signs of aggression, and so would be okay to be homed in a family with children. He needs to live inside the family home. He is castrated, chipped, all vaccines are up to date, flea protected, wormed, has a passport and comes with a DFU contract.


Lobo is a 2 year old German Shepherd. He’s a very loving boy who loves nothing more than climbing up beside you for big cuddles and is a perfect companion. Lobo was found on the street. He was rescued by Dogs For U. Lobo is finding it stressful at the centre: he really needs to get out. Lobo is quite a large strong dog loves running, playing and hasn’t shown any complications. He is obedient, walks excellently on the lead and shows great intelligence. Because of his size and strength it’s recommended he is homed with slightly older children, as he could accidently knock little ones over. He is a great dog, a fit, healthy young boy, with no known medical problems, he’s been neutered, chipped, all vaccines are up to date, flea protected , wormed, has a passport and comes with a Dogs for U contract.
Please if you can give either of these stunning dogs a loving home contact Cornelia Ks on 637242228 by WhatsApp or go to the Dogs for U facebook page and send a message there.


Knitting group, Mallorca

Get Crafty!

The Wednesday Group has now launched! It meets from 10am to noon every Wednesday.  You can learn to knit, crochet, and sew, or work on improving your skills, or help others to learn, be creative and make friends. You can meet up with other people and at the same time support local charities as the projects can be made for local charities to use or sell. Contact Kay on 971 676 116 for more information. The group meets at the Assocuacio Veinats 3, Carrer de la Lluna, Bendinat, Calvia every Wednesday and absolutely everyone is welcome to join.


The Rotary Club of Calvia International are busy finalising their plans for the annual walk in aid of local charities – all focussing on young people – on Saturday October 8th. The 10KM walk is from Katmandu in Magaluf to Mood Beach in Portals (and back!). A 2KM will also take place. Marshalled and supervised, the main participants will be youngsters from the International schools who will shortly be receiving the details and sponsorship forms for those taking part. So be prepared to be asked for sponsorship money. The major sponsors are Katmandu, Mood Beach and Minkners as well as the Ajuntament at Calvia. But there are still opportunities for more sponsors. Just get in touch with the Rotary Club International Walk Coordinator,  Geoff Moore, his e-mail geoffmoorecaracol@gmail.com

Fundraiser for Ondine

Next week on Thursday September 15th there will be a fundraising evening for Association Ondine. Organised by Real Estates United. It will be held at the OD Hotel in Portals in the Sky Bar. Their aim is to raise as much as they can for Ondine which promotes awareness about the marine environment around the Balearics. Tickets cost 45€ per person and all profits will go to the Association. The evening will start at 7pm with drinks and canapes, there will be a raffle prize draw, DJs, and live entertainment. Alternatively you can attend the event from 9pm and make a donation on the door, but you should contact them to be put on the guest list. So get in touch with Donna@realestatesunited.com

Any good at darts?

Up in Alcudia at the bar called Legends they are looking for some keen darts players who would like to take on a Ex World Darts Champion. They will be raising money for charity. If you feel like having a go then get in touch with Stuart Leslie via the Legends Facebook Page.

The Nit de l’Art

Nit de L'Art, S'Arraco

It’s not possible to see everything at the  Just like my most favourite of festivals, Glastonbury, you have to mentally prepare yourself for that fact beforehand. It’s not like visiting a gallery where the works of art are neatly lined up in rows for you to inspect. No. This one night only event emerges out of the bricks and mortar of our village: art is pinned onto walls and fences that you might have previously ignored, the villagers allow artists to hang work from their “persianas” (shutters”) and some take great pride in having art that blends beautifully with the colour of the walls of their home. What was once an empty building becomes a gallery, nooks and crannies are discovered, trees suddenly become easels.

The day dawned last week and with it came the inevitable concerns about the weather. Anxiously looking at the sky and then at your work, often printed on to things which go rather soggy when wet, and then back at the sky, wondering about whether it’s worth running to get a tarpaulin, or can you risk it is a normal state of affairs for anyone showing their art. I hung up my stuff up on the fence, my husband put up some lights for me, we hunted down Mateo who had the village hammer and roll of gaffer tape to stick down any electric cables, then we put my business card next to them and then went off to explore.

Walking around the village, peeking into gardens and houses, we saw hundreds of creative works in a variety of different modalities: photographs, paintings and sculptures all exhibited outdoors on the streets of the town, houses, patios, facilities and interior galleries, the town square town and even the church. There was live music everywhere you turned, with jazz, blues, rock and even a late night impromptu punk performance down the back of one of the streets.

Like the old British street parties, everyone was on the street, happy faces, enjoying themselves, kids running around like wild things having fun, and the weather? Totally perfect. At the end of the evening when it was time to go, we took down my photos, put them in a bag, and walked back up the hill. Overnight the street cleaners were out, washing the pavements and removing litter. When the sun rose on Friday morning it was as if it had never happened. Another magical, beautiful night in Majorca. Thank you Nit de l’Art.    www.mallorcamatters.com

On show.

Vicki McLeod, photographer, Mallorca

I think if you are going to set a good example to your kids you have to lead the way. One of the things I want my daughter to absorb and embrace is the idea that we continually learn throughout our lives, we have the chance to change again and again.  Sometimes we can become interested in something which we didn’t think we would ever be able to do, and then by chipping away and finding people who can help you to achieve a goal, you get there.  This is how I have come to find myself with some of the skills and knowledge it takes to become a photographer. I love to look at images and I sometimes would have a lucky break and be able to take a good shot on a camera, but only in the past year or so have I really developed into someone who could describe herself as a photographer.

On Thursday night (tonight) in my home village of S’arracó at the Night of Art I am exhibiting some of my photographs. I’ve been learning how to take photographs with the help of my brilliant teacher Diana Hirsch (www.photoclasses.eu) who has taken me from enthusiastic amateur who doesn’t know what the buttons do on the camera, to someone who has now started taking photos as part of her job. And my very hard working hubbie (who does take photos for his job) who has had to endure me asking questions about shutter speeds and apertures, and then only half understanding his replies so I will then have to start all over again.  And the encouragement of people like Dilip, the editor for the Euro Weekly who probably didn’t realise how much his nods of “that’s a good shot” meant to me.

My photos are part of a series of images which I am trying to build over time. I’ve decided to call it “Tribes” because each group in the series is about a certain group of people and their rituals, beliefs, and celebrations. The ones that I will exhibit on Thursday night are an affectionate and intimate look at the inside world of competitive bodybuilding. I was very lucky to be invited by a friend of mine to attend a bodybuilding competition in Alcudia where I was given free rein to shoot photos backstage.

Is it art though? I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. I will be joining many other people as they put their work out for inspection on Thursday evening. The whole event is free to enjoy and is SO enjoyable, I really hope to see you there. It’s strangely nerve wracking though, will people like what I’ve done, will they understand why, will my daughter?  Will she just roll her eyes, in this new way that she has, and decry loudly that her mother is embarrassing her? Maybe I shouldn’t care either way.

We will be exhibiting in the playground near to the square, and I will be proudly putting my own work up beside my husband’s. You can see more information about the Night of Art at http://nitdelartdesarraco.blogspot.com.es well done to all of the artists and to the organiser of the event, Claire Lavriller for her patience and determination.


Vicki McLeod